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Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm

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Traditional Family Butchers

Our lambs are purchased from various parts of Yorkshire.  Tender, lean & flavourful, we are sure you will agree our lamb is the best you've ever tasted.

We have all the classic lamb cuts in store.  Our Spring lamb season starts in March in time for Easter and the traditional leg of lamb dinner.

Tender, meaty lamb chops perfect for grilling. A family favourite.

Lamb shanks are full of flavour and are best when pot roasted.  They are cut from the end of leg and are the perfect size for a single serving

Chicken Breast, a versatile healthy cut of meat for a wide range of meals.

Chicken cushion

Chicken breast stuffed with pancetta & wensleydale cheese and wrapped in streaky bacon.  Made fresh on the premises

Chorizo chicken

Free range chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese & chorizo wrapped in dry cured bacon.

Our Produce

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We source the very best birds from the Yorkshire Region.

We offer a broad range of Chicken from whole bird roasts to breasts (whole & diced).  We stock stuffed chicken breast and chicken legs for that quick midweek supper.

Our range of free range corn fed chickens and free range ducks & geese come from our supplier in Harome, York.  Kept in the best conditions and allowed to roam free means a better tasting bird.


Our Bacon is dry cured slowly on the premises to give it that distinctive taste.  No added water means no shrinkage

All our sausages are handmade on the premises.  We make all the old favourites: Tomato, Lincolnshire, Olde English and of course Pork.  And a few new ones Spicy Spanish or black pudding sausage.


All of our beef is hung for at least 28 days to tenderise the meat and deepen the flavour.  The skills of breeding and finishing from our local suppliers produce some of the finest beef available.  All our beef is expertly cut on the premises.  

All our steaks are cut from our 28 day matured beef to give you that extra taste.  We will cut your steaks to your preference just ask in store and we will be happy to help.

Shin of beef a much under rated cut. A real classic stewing cut, perfect for a traditional slow cooked stew. This makes a flavoursome winter supper.  We can advise you on the best way to cook any cut of meat for that perfect meal.


Venison  - From deer that roam freely, resulting in superior meat. Our venison is tender, tasty and naturally lean, which means it's easy to produce great results.   Brought to you by Yorkshire’s best game keepers.  There is a wide range of Venison products available please ask in store and we will advise you of the right cut for your meal.

Rabbit, Pigeon & Venison are available fresh all year round.

The lean, gamey meat of a brace of wild pheasants makes for a tasty autumnal treat.

Wild rabbits have firm, meaty flesh and a subtle, gamey flavour. They can be likened to a particularly flavoursome free-range chicken

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Game season starts on Sept 1st (Partridge, Duck & Goose) and Oct 1st (Pheasant) and finishes on Jan 31st.  At this time we stock fresh game from our local supplier in North Deighton.  At all other times game is available frozen.

Rabbit, Pigeon & Venison are available fresh all year round.

Our pork comes from Anna's Happy Trotters in Howden, which ensures it is 100% free range from start to finish.  

The pigs are fed a balanced & nutritious diet of natural and locally produced ingredients.  As well as having a better quality of life, the meat from these pigs tastes so much better because they are slower growing due to them using more energy as they’re always running around.

This slow grown process, along with their breeding ensures a beautifully succulent, great tasting meat.  We can guarantee our pork is locally produced, High Welfare and Good Value.  Go on Buy British Pork and support our local farmers. We buy in whole pigs and our expert butchers do the rest, all our sausages are handmade fresh on the premises as well as our dry cured bacon.